The heavy-duty Portable Water Solutions water trailer is fully enclosed and insulated in an all steel trailer to block sunlight and prevent algae growth. Designed to serve as a reliable water source for home, work, recreation, or emergency situations, our water trailers can be towed behind a 1/2 ton or larger pickup and is small enough to fit inside a standard garage.

Equipped with a variety of features and accessories, the Portable Water Solutions water trailers are built to provide you fresh, clean water when and where you need it.


Double Axle

We understand that these trailers are not only carrying a lot of weight in water, they will likely need to cover some rugged terrain. That’s why we went the extra mile with reinforced double axles that can handle any load through almost any condition.

Steel Construction

We feel that steel construction is the best choice to protect the water tank and to block sunlight from reaching the tank and inviting algae growth. The steel exterior is designed to easily accessible.

Freeze Proof

We know that the need for water doesn’t wait for fair weather. That’s why the trailer is insulated with high density foam that will keep your water flowing in the coldest conditions.


Onboard Generator

Portable water often needs a portable power source. That’s why we have the option of adding a fully enclosed, lockable, onboard generator to provide the power to keep the water flowing when and where you need it.

Fits in Your Garage

While the trailer is loaded with a large, 725-gallon tank and packed full of accessories and features, it is designed to take up the space of a small sedan and can easily fit inside your garage.


Top Hatch

The easily accessible top hatch makes refilling water a breeze. Featuring a full steel, insulated hatch with lift struts, for easy access.

Garden Hose Compatible

If you have a garden hose, you have the right hose to hook up to the water trailer. With a port in the bottom of the trailer, you can attach the hose while keeping the trailer door shut and everything sealed tight and secure. With standard home water presseure, a float will prevent an overflow.

Cam Lock

Cam lock is located on the side of the trailer for easily filling from a variety of sources.

Overfill protection

Filling mishaps happen. That’s why we designed the water trailer with drains to ensure the trailer doesn’t become damaged if the tank overflows. The trailer drains are located at the front and will allow overflow to drain out. Remember to never leave flowing water unattended while filling.

Store Water for Up to 6 Months
The trailer’s steel construction blocks all sunlight from the tank when sealed. This helps prevent algae from growing and keeps your water fresh and clean for up to six months.


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